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Articles that don't fit into other categories.
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Meteor relies a lot on 3rd party packages. Learn the most useful ones here.
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Other stuff

Where I keep Meteor code snippets for reuse.
A git repository that I use as a starting point for new Meteor projects. Good for kickstarting new projects.
For people who want to start using Coffeescript (which I much prefer over Javascript).

Prefer video?

I've just started a video site! I hope to make it similar to railscasts.com, but for Meteor.


Prefer book format?

I wrote a book that incorporates and expands on these tutorials. I also use Javascript instead of Coffeescript. Plus it's free to read online!

Meteor ebook


I work part time for the growing ed tech startup Quipper, writing code serving its millions of users. The rest of my time I put into learning an teaching new things. Currently I'm interested in Meteor and have written a small book teaching the basics. Due to the positive feedback I hope to build on the book's content and release some screencasts teaching more advanced topics. Feel free to let me know if you see any bugs or have any suggestions - I'm a one man team so any help is great. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the content - Matt.